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Thanks to our sponsor, Trafficade. Our engine builder Wolfe Engines, and the entire race team and supporting staff for a fantastic season!



Johnson-Wolfe Racing Team, sponsored by warningpower.com and Trafficade Safety Sales, is pleased to run two boats on the Inboard racing curcuit, the primary focus of the team is in Grand Prix racing, the team debuted "Renegade GP93" on the circuit in 2008 with the purchase of the former GP-2 “Pleasure Seeker”. "Desperado NM93" also runs on the Inboard circuit in 6 Litre National Modified hydroplane racing.

Marty Wolfe, engine builder and driver, is assisted by his sister, Elizabeth Wolfe, the Team Manager. Elizabeth also pilots a National Modified, NM-93 “Desperado”, on the circuit. Both the Renegade and Desperado teams are overseen by their father and Crew Chief, Randy Wolfe. Dennis Johnson, Vice President of Trafficade, is the boat’s primary owner; he is partnered by the President of Trafficade, Jeff Johnson.
The Johnson~Wolfe Racing team and Trafficade have enjoyed a history of success in hydroplane racing. Involved in many forms of boat racing for over 40 years, Dennis Johnson entered the world of limited Inboard Hydroplane racing in 2004 with a 2.5 stock called the “Knot Rod.” With driver Elizabeth Wolfe at the helm, the team performed well in its first partnership season.

At the end of 2005, Dennis partnered with Wolfe Engines and Marty; the team launched a successful racing program with their National Modified hydroplane, “Desperado” NM-93. The “Desperado” team garnered National, World, North American, and Eastern Divisional Championships for the team. The purchase of the Grand Prix in 2008 has also led to many successes for the team. Marty piloted the "Renegade" to a Canadian and National championship in 2009. After a tough season with three accidents in 2010 and a devastating illness in 2011, the team is excited to get back on the water and show everyone how it's done!!

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